Information is the power to make good decisions

At the heart of Hawk Ellery OS operations, information management involves the step-by-step tracking of freight and pro-active progress updates to clients even before they have to ask for them.

By keeping you fully informed we empower you to make the best decisions possible for your organisation and your project.

The constant flow of information is the Hawk Ellery OS difference. Anybody can put freight on a ship, but giving client’s control through quality information is what sets the good apart from the rest.

Hawk Ellery OS Information Management Systems

EDI is a specialised information management system that delivers effective, direct data interchange to overseas agents and other third parties.

Hawk Ellery OS’s ITC infrastructure offers clients the ability to log-in and track the progress of their freight, but a phone call, text or email is more common and these are responded to promptly.

The company’s ITC infrastructure is networked with a number of important organisations, including New Zealand Customs and the Ministry for Primary Industries.