Wade Group 2011 Ltd horse coaches are no ordinary horse trailers. For starters they’re big – weighing between 12 and 20 tons – and capable of sleeping six people and transporting between four and six horses in the back.

“They’re big, big trucks and they’re top quality,” says Alyssa Lobb of the Wade Group 2011

“Our coaches are very luxurious and fully spec’d with all amenities, including shower, bathroom, washing machine, dryer, satellite dish, flat screen TV, kitchen, even custom built wine racks.”

Hawk Ellery OS is responsible for working with the Wade Group 2011 Ltd to import the chassis for the cabs and then in the export of the completed coaches.

“We have used Hawk Ellery OS for a very long time and they’re very thorough. They will work through complications and find a solution – including knowing the legalities of importing and exporting, and the right documentation that is required.

“There’s no doubt that they care about our business.”

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