Taking the risk out of oversize and special project freight forwarding

Regardless of the cargo – from tanks, trucks and boats to oil rigs and big industrial moulds – freighting any special project is high stakes and fraught with risk.

To avoid costly or frustrating delays, confiscations, damage and even loss, it's imperative that a professional freight forwarding company like Hawk Ellery OS is given responsibility for ensuring the door-to-door delivery of the cargo.

After decades of extensive experience in freight forwarding, Hawk Ellery OS is able to offer clients a trinity of elements essential for ultimate success:

  1. Careful planning
  2. Reliable international partners
  3. Quality information

Important details about the cargo and its movement that must be considered, include:

  • Accurate specifications, including but not limited to, height, weight, special features;
  • Appropriate route and best transport;
  • A thorough grasp of local conditions;
  • Special considerations i.e. are any special fittings needed for the sea voyage?
  • Carefully plotted path, including all paperwork cleared and partner teams ready and waiting ahead of time;
  • Co-ordinating of truckers, rail, stevedores, shipping agents and overseas partners;
  • Potential delays and hiccups from officials such as Customs, the Food and Drug Administration, the Ministry for Primary Industries - especially when it comes to inevitable concerns about contaminants;
  • How the freight is properly secured on ships, rail and other modes of transport;
  • Calling ahead, liaising, making sure all the pieces are in place; and
  • Keeping you, the customer, informed with timely and accurate information.

Services that Hawk Ellery OS is capable of delivering include:

  • Break Bulk/OOG/
  • Project Cargoes
  • Global Multimodal Services
  • Import/Export
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Vessel Chartering
  • Project Management
  • Marine Insurance