Don’t get stuck under a bridge, use the professionals

Moving oversize or special project freight is literally a massive logistical feat of the kind that Hawk Ellery OS relishes, but the mammoth nature of the task means that there aren’t many companies that can take it on, and even fewer with the experience of Hawk Ellery OS.

The company has chosen to specialise in this area because our team has the skills, excellent international partners and the sophisticated systems and technology to succeed in a market that has a real need for such a service – particularly as New Zealand’s oil, gas and mining industries begin to take off.

You only have to look at disasters such as this truck stuck under a bridge, to realise the value of using a specialist freight forwarder, particularly in a country such as New Zealand which is still relatively young and inexperienced with really heavy industry – under prepared infrastructure means that oversize projects must be meticulously planned and carried out.

To avoid freight disasters of this nature, talk to the professionals here at Ellery OS. We look forward to continuing to serve the oversize and special project needs of New Zealand’s growing industry.